Monday, October 17, 2011

Lone Eagle Records presents... Review & Give-Away

Hi Everyone.  Tom Tomoser here.  I'm the owner of Lone Eagle Records LLC, and this review is about my two disc set of "Nobody's Born a Bigot", and He Aint't Heavy He's my Brother.  Let me give you a taste of my CD...

 *The little girl is my granddaughter.

1.  He Ain't Heavy He's my Brother 11.  You are the One
2.  True Peace                                  12.  Touch of Love
3.  No one ever loved me like you do 13.  Halfway to Nowhere
4.  The Smile of a Child                     14.  Daddy we go fly (Tribute to 9-11)
5.  Estas Lista Mi Amor                  15.  Misty Morning Girl
6.  She's Gone                                 16.  Killer Alcohol
7.  Aw Right                                     17.  Let me Pretend
8.  Lonely One                                  18.  Yo Say Lista Por Su Amor
9.  That Christmas Feeling                19.  If I only Knew
10. All you Have to do is Call           20. Girl In my Dreams   21.  Open Your Heart  - Includes DVD.

Win it for a friend, relative or even a grab-bag!  Win it for yourself to enjoy!  Most of all thank you for entering in advance!  What I'm trying to do is get my career off the ground floor and do a promo for some higher wigs, and I can do that with your help.  The more entries, the more they'll be interested.  Won't you please help?

Mandatory: Browse You Tube by  putting in Tom Tomoser, (click on this link), and tell us which song/video you like the most.

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Give-away will end on  11/04/11 at 11:59 PM CST
Winners will be chosen by and will be e-mailed. The winner has 48 hrs. to respond to my e-mail or another winner will be chosen.
*Disclaimer:  I, Tom Tomoser/Mr Cool  wrote my own honest review, and honest opinions were used from the information I had gathered on the Internet and listening to my own CD.   My opinion is 100% my own and may vary from others.


  1. Tom I tried going to Youtube and typing in Tom Moser and nothing popped up. It would be more helpful if you gave your exact channel. I just couldn't find your songs, sorry

  2. Well, nobody likes to be the first one so I guess I'll step up to the plate. I love the song "He ain't heavy, he's my brother, but I also love Debbie Boone's song & your video "You light up my life".

  3. I shared it on FB

  4. Do you have a facebook and twitter so I can share your giveaway?

  5. that's wonderful about you starting up with your career again. Hopefully you will hit something big this time.

  6. My favourite of your vids is pretty lady. I love the bluesy jazzy feel of it.

  7. Commented on your more recent post about coming to be one of my Friday Followers.

  8. Have entered Xmas Dolly's Trick or Treat EF Giveaway

  9. I like your I Want to Wake Up With You in My Arms video-And might I say it looks quite fun to attend one of your shows xD

    Thanks for this great giveaway Tom!

    TheEclecticElement AT yahoo DOT com

  10. I'm a follower through GFC under Kayla @ TheEclecticElement!

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  11. I'm a follower through GFC under Kayla @ TheEclecticElement!

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  12. I'm a follower through GFC under Kayla @ TheEclecticElement!

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  13. I subscribe via email

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  14. I friended you on Facebook under Kayla P.!

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  15. I like the Wind beneath my wings song.

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