Saturday, October 22, 2011

SOOC SATURDAY "Introducing My New Friend"

Post a picture  straight out of your camera…. no editing. If you’d like to post an edit after your SOOC shot, that’s okay.

Here's a pic of Rosemary, my new girlfriend. I haven't got it edited yet and she is sending me a better pic I took this off the computer with my close up app on my old camera, but I like it, and I wanted to share with all my new bloggy friends.  Nice, huh?
I may be going to see her for the first time around the holidays!

Have a great weekend, and now just a little blog-hopping and off to work..  AGAIN!


  1. She is so pretty. So what state does she live in that you're going to see her in the holidays? Yeah, I'm nosy. hahaha Thanks for sharing. Congrats! Are you going to write a song for her now?

  2. She's breautiful, Tom! :)
    I do hope you get a chance to see her during the holidays!

  3. Great shot... what a lovely lady.
    Hope you get a chance to go see her.

  4. She is lovely!
    Hope it's not too much driving to see her , but then again anything for the right love right?