Wednesday, January 4, 2012


"Beauty & The Beat" is a collection of 16 classic Pop and Adult Contemporary hits blended with some of my original compositions. It is also a blend of ballads and up beat songs. What Richie and I did with "Make The World Go Away" will probably make the guys on 16th avenue groan a little, but I'm pretty sure the guys on Beale St. will dig it.

By enlisting Chuck Pennington the pianist and arranger for Mannheim Steamroller I not only got a great pianist I also got a great arranger, and in my book arrangement can be the difference between whether a recording is a hit or not. Chuck arranged and performed on 7 of the 17 songs on "Beauty & The Beat." I also was able to get Richie Love, youngest son of Preston Love, long time lead alto sax with Count Basie, to give me some stunningly brilliant performances on 7 cuts. Richie's work like Chuck's is nothing short of sensational.

Over my 30 years as a producer I have met and worked with many great studio musicians, and great technical people in several studios which has enabled me to produce "Beauty & The Beat" to the highest standards of music excellence and recording quality to make it worthy to be heard on a world wide platform.

"Beauty & The Beat" is nearing completion but I need your financial help to be able to finish mixing and mastering "Beauty & The Beat," and most importantly, to promote "Beauty & The Beat. " The best product in the world will not sell unless it is promoted and marketed aggressively. This is especially true in the music business where the competion is enormous for air play on broadcast radio. Any funds we receive above our target goal of $25,000 will be used to purcahse additional promotion including a cd release party and show.

Here is the line up of the songs on "Beauty & The Beat"

1. The Way We Were 10. You Are My Love

2. How Deep Is The Ocean 11. "Aw Right"

3. Make The World Go Away 12. My One ANd Only Love

4. Are You The One 13. You Are My Woman

5. Why Can't You Tell 14. No One Ever Loved Me Like U Did

6. I Dreamed of You 15. Perfectly

7. Most Beautiful Girl 16. Girl In My Dreams

8. Portarit Of My Love 17. You're All I Need

9. John Miller

I have tried to devise a list of incentives and rewards that will encourage you to make a donation to our "Beauty & The Beat" project. It is the very best CD I have produced to date, with the very best talent giving outstanding performances on every song. All artist are given credit in the liner notes.

Below are some links that will allow you to get a look at some of my performances and some of my reviews. I hope you will take a minute and visit these spots.

Hopefully you have found "Beauty & The Beat" a project worthy of your support.

Press on any "Beauty & the Beat" and visit the website if you like.  It's all there.  Thank you for checking out  my Post and I truly do appreciate it, and if you have a moment leave a comment & let me know what you think.  

Thank you for looking at my project.



  1. Sounds great!
    Let me know if you want me to give shoutouts on my google social.

  2. fab-u-lous! i LOVE mannheim steamroller and i love your songs. sounds fabulous. will check out your other site.

    nope. don't do wedding invites, sorry. don't know any of my blogbuddies who do, but i'll check it out and let you know if i come across any.

    hugs and happy new year.

  3. That's an awesome undertaking, and I wish you great success!