Friday, June 10, 2011


 "By Special Request." This a CD of 14 songs aimed at people who are still in love with the classics pop hits of the 40s 50s & 60s. This "Rat Pack" style music with 4 classic hits; You Don't Know Me, Since I Fell For You, My Way, and a special Arrangement of America The Beautiful. The other 10 songs are my originals which can best be classified as Gershwin? Porter style big ballads and a little bit of Rockabilly for a twist.

Three cuts feature The String Section from the Omaha Symphony, and I had the honor of having Jimmy Butler owner of 4 Platinum albums for his work as lead guitar with Johnny and The Hurricanes, produce one cut and play a guitar solo that is unbelievably fantastic.

The reviews are just starting to come in and I am attaching one here.

Jane’s Review Of By Special Request

1. America the Beautiful: Nice arrangement. I would suggest one less verse to keep the time under 4 minutes.

2. Gloria Jean: Upbeat and fun love song. J

3. Since I Fell for You: Love.  The jazzy piano, it fits your style. J

4. Trust Me: Reminds me of a piano bar. Interesting key change near the beginning

5. My Way: Least favorite, may be because I always hear Sinatra in my head.

6. Gabrielle: My second favorite! The flute and harp make this a very easy going and relaxing love song. Everything compliments! J

7. Southern Style: You are NOT meant to sing country music Tom!!!!

8. Girl of My Dream: great guitar/vocal combination. I like the lyric and the idea behind how this girl would change your life. J

9. I Need Your Love Always:  Guitar is a little harsh for the meaning of
the song.

10. Before You Go: Great story with this song. Background vocals are a
Fun addition also. Fun! J

11. Lonely One: I like the steel guitar and the meaning of the lyrics for Karen Carpenter.

12. Touch of Love: Kind of sappy for me. A touch over dramatic. It may be the way the strings are arranged.

13. You Don’t Know Me: Super arrangement! You really sing this one like it means something to you. My absolute favorite on this album.

14. She’s Gone: Nice sax in this arrangement. J

Jane is a top notch singer who sings the National Anthem for the Omaha Lancers Hockey Team. Jane is also a model and was in the 1984 Miss Nebraska Competition.

By Special Request is available at My website and at At CD Baby you will be able to buy single song downloads. It takes a couple of days more to get that set up but you can Prevue all 14 songs and read other reviews at CD Baby .com

Because I own my own Independent Record Label I can produce and sell for wholesale. So my price for one CD is exactly the same as it would be for 1000 CDs, Just $5.00 plus $3.50 S&H. Over at CD Baby single song downloads are $.99. There is also a price for a full album download, which is more economical than buying single songs.

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