Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursday's Recipe Swap Meet -Pheasant Breast


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                      Pheasant Breast with Raspberry Honey Peppermint Sauce

6              Bone In Pheasant Breast
6-8             Cleaned whole carrots
6-9             Medium Potatoes quartered
6-10         Celery stalks cleaned and cut into 1 “ pieces.
2-3             Medium onions peeled and quartered.
1-1.5        Tsp. Salt
Pinch of pepper distributed lightly over breasts.
1-1.5         Tsp. Garlic
1-1.5         Tsp.  Poultry seasoning.
Pinch   of   Thyme,  Rosemary,  Nutmeg, &  Cinnamon .

Pour Salt, Garlic, poultry seasoning, Thyme, Rosemary, Nutmeg, & Cinnamon in a small tupper ware container, or empty salt shaker, cover and shake till well blended.   

2-4 oz   Whiskey   (Use a small or medium size crock-pot)!  

Starting with The 1st layer place 2 carrots and 2 ¼ red potatoes in bottom of crock-pot.  Sprinkle with seasoning mixture. Next place 2 breasts on the carrot potato bed, pour a small amount of whiskey over each breast, sprinkle with seasoning mixture, spread some cut celery over breast, add a little seasoning on celery. Repeat process for two more layers to complete the 6-breast meal. Crock-pot should be about full. If any celery left put on top of last layer and season. If any whiskey is left pour over celery.  Set crock-pot on low, cover and cook for 8-12 hours. The slow low temp moist cooking will make the breast tender and moist, and it is almost impossible to over cook the breast.

Raspberry Honey Peppermint Sauce.
I 12-16 oz. Jar of Raspberry preserves.
I cup of red or black Raspberries.
¼ lb. Butter
½ Tsp. salt
4 oz. Peppermint Schnops
2    tablespoons of honey

Medium frying pan melt ¼ lb. Butter, add jar of raspberry preserves, cut fresh raspberries in ¼ s and add to mixture. Add salt, Schnapps and honey and reduce heat to a low simmer. Stir slowly to insure even mix of ingredients. After a nice blend is achieved cover and allow to simmer for 1- 1.5 hrs. checking closely so as not to boil away the moisture. Use a pan with a moisture recovery lid. Taste occasionally as it simmers. Should give a diametrically opposed taste of sweet and tart. 

After cooking is completed  place in a shallow dish and chill in refrigerator. Can be heated later and poured over pheasant breast or served as a side in a small bowl to dip fork size bite of breast in. Either way works well and both hot and cold, should be offered with the meal.  

From The Kitchen Of Tom Tomoser         BONA PETITE!


  1. I wouldn't even know where to get pheasant breast. LOL But, man alive, that sauce sounds AMAZING.

  2. Sounds delicious! So glad I found you.

  3. Sounds like a snazzy dish! I've never had pheasant before but sounds like you really rock the sauce!

    Katie @ Time 2 Eat Yall